Thursday, August 27, 2020

Establishing an online presence in this era is essential for every business. Every day more and more companies are establishing their online presence and launching their websites. In this process, it is extremely necessary that the users select the right web hosting service.
Therefore, when you are getting ready to launch your new website, you need to choose a hosting provider very carefully in order to avoid the problems you might face in the future, related to web hosting.

When a new user starts searching a hosting provider, everywhere, they will find only a few names of big companies, and they end up selecting one of them, without knowing the fact that they are making a mistake. Most people recommend these big hosting provider companies because of affiliate marketing revenue.
Mostly, people get attracted and fascinated by the multiple facilities provided by the web hosting provider. However, in order to choose the most suitable web hosting provider, you need to focus more on your requirements, and less on the other factors.
The following are some very important web hosting problems and tips on how to keep away from them, which you must consider prior to selecting a web hosting provider in order to avoid any problem.

Cost of a Data Privacy:

Keep in mind that nothing is free you pay the price in one way or another, you need to understand and inquire that what the hosting provider companies are gaining in return from you if they are offering you a free services. The fact is that hosting providers provide services only up to the amount you pay for.
Digital Define respects the user privacy and prides itself on protecting your privacy, and we at digital define are supporting and promoting a safe online experience.

Slow customer support:

If you are considering some Big hosting provider company for hosting your website. You should keep in mind that, with a large number of sites hosted on the servers of big companies, there are also a large number of tokens generated for the support team and the support team takes quite a lot of time in resolving web hosting problems because of a long queue of tokens.
If you are a new user, then you might feel that having a slow and unresponsive support team is something that is acceptable for you. However, keep in mind that you do not have to worry about anything when your website is running properly and smoothly. However, the frustration starts when a problem arises with your hosting, and the only thing you can do is wait helplessly until the problem gets solved.

Don’t fall in the 24 x 7 x 365 days online support service trap because in the worst-case scenario the support team might take days to resolve your problem. Because they have to resolve a lot of queries in a limited amount of time. Before purchasing any hosting plan, you must make sure that the company is providing what type of and how much support.
Digital Define prides itself on providing one of the most active and responsive support services. If you are hosting your website on Digital Define and your website encounters any problem, then all you have to do is to contact our expert and responsive support team, and they will take care of the rest. You will not have to worry about anything.

Security provided by the Hosting providers:

Famous hosting provider’s servers are the prime target of the hacker and attackers, and the users are always at risk for example if an attacker initiates a DDos attack on one of the servers of the hosting provider and your site is hosted on that server, and you have not configured the CDN then your website will face a downtime. There are some well know hosting providers that are not able to protect user’s data from getting hacked or identifying theft possibilities.
Digital define assures that your data and your website is totally safe and secured. And provides high level of security that you need for your website. With our super-secure and robust servers, your website remains online all the time.
These are some very important website hosting issues. If you want to make sure that you never encounter them, then join our hosting services, Digital Define offers extremely flexible packages for hosting your website. We do our best to provide you an extraordinary experience and even go out of our way to solve your problem.

By: Qasim Saleem

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