Thursday, September 3, 2020

Servers are the pivot of the network; therefore, the health of servers is vital. It is maintained by keeping them safe from hackers by removing vulnerabilities for the smooth running of the business because it is your first line of defense.
Here are a few tips to secure your server or prevent the information from being stolen.

Choose your hosting Provider Wisely:

If you have a site and you want it to run smoothly on the internet, so your potential customers access it at any time without any fear of getting attacked, facing downtime, and losing potential customers. Hunt no more; you have arrived at the right place.

Choosing the best hosting provider is significant for your business, so choose wisely. Not all the hosting service providers implement best practices of keeping your data safe and secure.
Here at Digital Define, we value privacy and data security to give you the best experience in the cyber world.

Ways to Protect Server:

Antivirus act as an immune system for the websites. It prevents viruses and other malware from attacking the server. Keeping the antivirus up to date will ensure stability and maximum uptime of the server.
But if your antivirus is not up to date or it fails to catch a malware of new kind, then the website is at risk. Here comes a firewall into play. Firewall act as a filter for network traffic. Limit the openings for hackers.

Information and data to the server are a necessity. We need to get the data to move ahead hackers take advantage of this and try to get into the using this mode. To limit them limit the data that gets into the system and format it properly so that only required information gets in and out of the system.

Use an SSL certificate to protect the data from hackers. It makes the data inaccessible to third parties. If the server is not SSL certified, then hackers can easily dig out information from it.

Either use a unique and strong password that is difficult to crack, or you can use SSH authentication. The latter is a better option considered nowadays because it is more difficult to crack than a strong password. Digital define offers different types of SSL validation. Choose according to your needs and requirements.

Here at digital define, We provide imunifyAV+ and imunify360 malware scanning solution, and we also Provide DDoS protection, malware removal, and daily scanning to save your site from any potential downtime. Digital Define uses ActivGard security to protect the website from inside and outside attacks.
Digital information about our servers is protected that is IP addresses etc. Also, the physical location of the server should be safeguarded. And with us, you do not have to worry about this. Our servers are physically out of reach of hackers, and they are fully guarded.
In this digitized era, everything is automated, including hacking too. Hackers use bots. Which scan the websites and servers to find one opportunity to beak in. So, keep the system up to date. One of the best practices out of all is you should look out for update and upgrade the software regularly to prevent it from hacking.

Why it is essential to keep updating servers:

You might think that antivirus software is a solution to all of your problems. But it is just part of the web of security of servers. You need to update software’s on servers to prevent hacking. Time to time, companies release updates of the software you are using to address vulnerabilities of security to make your data and information secure and prevent hackers from taking advantage of them.

Nothing is perfect in this world. The software you are using for your server may contain bugs, which are found after release. These can cause trouble for the smooth functioning of the system. They may also provide back doors for malware and hackers. Most of the software updates are related to security to close the hole or back door left in the existing software.

Thus, to get the unsurpassed performance out of the servers and protecting the server against malware, updates need to be installed. These updates are undoubtedly time-consuming, and many people may be tempted to click on the “REMIND ME LATER”  option. But don’t because if you do so, you are putting your server at risk. Download and install the update, and it is definitely worth the time.

We at Digital Define keep the servers safe and secure by updating the software in time and help you run effortlessly online because you deserve the ultimate online experience.

By: Qasim Saleem

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